All that is done will be undone

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There is no end where there is no beginning And no darkness where there is unfiltered light There is no separation where there is peace For the cause of all evil is the illusion of separation

We walk with you and amongst you We come together at each and every sunrise And gather again at each and every sunset To listen to the universal symphony of all that is Awaiting the cosmic waves to crash upon your shores

Your human angels and emmisaries already here Awakening every moment from their forgetful sleep Creation's legions are now amassing upon your shores As we await the turn of the tide And the shifting of sands at your feet

The moment of undoing is now almost upon you In that one moment you will die and live a thousand lives Time will come to a standstill and everything wil be frozen in light Life time before life time will be peeled away Layer by layer like the many shells of an onion

All that is forgotten will be remembered All that is unseen will be seen All that is unheard will be heard All that is unknown will be known

You have been entrapped here by dark forces in a fallen universe Where divine creation has been emulated, inverted and reversed The Maya called it the "Great illusion" The Aboriginals called it the "Great Dreaming"

This moment of undoing is known by many names of which some are Ascension - Rapture - Lift-Off - Photon Belt - Heaven - Return of Jesus - 2012 etc All you need to know is that at that the universal flashpoint In the flash of a moment all that is done will be undone

Before this moment arrives the dark lords will wage a war in heaven against you But we shall bring everlasting peace to their digital hell There will be rage in Eden as you realise that Jehovah has deceived you As you discover your angels are demons and serpents are angels

Perpetual reincarnation is not part of the divine design of creation However it has been sold to you as the spiritual modus operandus Recycling reincarnation is an entrapment within this fallen universe Within the confines of this prison you know as Earth Before the fall human vessels lived for several millenia and physical death was by choice or accident Reincarnation's purpose was to only embody a human vessel in the event of accidental death

In the garden of Eden Jehovah engineered your genetics to be defective With short lifespans disabling you from the ability to fully awaken The human temple (vessel) was designed to live for millenia and beyond Allowing your spirit to completely download and experience all levels of creation With the one and same awareness as the all-that-is

The biggest untold mystery and secret kept from you is that ALL animal and insect lifeforms came from meta-human genetics (at higher levels of creation) The biggest Jehovic lie and deception is to claim that humans were Created and engineered after/from lower lifeforms such as apes or monkeys

The universal truth is ALL life forms were derived from human 12/24-DNA genetics Including reptiles, birds, fish, insects and animals were created by/from you Thus why the tree of knowledge was forbidden to you by Jehovah For eating of it would awaken you making you greater than the fallen dark lords

Humanity refused to bow down to the Jehovah as the one god (dark lords) And so in anger the Jehova placed a curse on humanity (original sin) The curse was to over generations introduce several genetic defects of which one was to Disable the human ability to make ascorbic acid (vitamin C) internally Another was to disable the ability to photosynthesise light into energy (food)

These two defects in particular created the inability to make B12 and Iodine internally And thus turning humanity into cannibals for perpetual health and longevity These two defects alone have caused millenia of compounded genetic degeneration And shortened lifespans and limited soulular/cellular embodiment and awakening

The overall effect has disabled the the human vessel from the ability To resonate at higher frequencies of universal vibration A low frequency vessel can not contain a high frequency soul/spirit Thus fragmentation and polarity occurs requiring incarnations into multiple lives

Humanity is not a species likened unto some animal breed But a movement and shape of the creator's spirit and life force Which embodies and animates a multitude of life forms And spans countless galaxies, dimensions and universes

Every planet, sun, star must co-exist in a relationship with human life-forms Without this symbiotic relationship they wither away becoming dead stars or moons Differing environments call for differing life-forms People of Jupiter have a different makeup from people of the Earth The larger a planet the higher the frequency order of life-forms

Earth needs you - we can not just remove all beings and leave it empty and alone The population Earth was designed for is 12 billion people living in harmony Earth needs at least 7.2 billion to make the coming transition Overpopulation is only a concern when resources and structures are inefficiently Setup and utilised in the name of greed, money and control

This whole universe which you exist in is undergoing transition All solar systems, galaxies, stars and planets are all preparing for transition All awaiting the meta-galactic core to come into alignment So, where Earth goes so do you and where you go, so does Earth

It is a symphonic orchestration all playing in tune and harmony For the transition the frequency must be raised Like water in a teapot transitioning to steam at boiling point This fallen universe is now at that transition flash point

The next layer of higher vibration creation (Universe3 / 5th Density) is uni-polar Where all planets and lifeforms have a pole on the surface and a pole at the core centre As the universe reaches transition point Earth's poles will move from bi-polar to uni-polar The magnetic south pole is migrating inwards towards the centre core of the earth The magnetic north pole will move to encompass the whole outer layer/crust of the planet earth

one of many layers why your animal and insect species are now dying off enmass. Their job is done and they are finished here as Earth now needs to make the shift as does the human spirit. A species becoming extinct does not mean it is finished but has migrated/transitioned to another level.

The fallen universe operates on half light harmonics causing duality and polarisation All planets and lifeforms are bi-polar (north / south - positive / negative) This bipolarisation creates electric and magnetic fields creating gravity In a unipolar universe there is only electric and gravity/anti-gravity fields And entropic decay will no longer be in effect as it is in the fallen universe

This transition from bipolar to unipolar is occurring through out the entire universe Unlike biploar, a unipolar universe allows for higher frequency vibration and embodiment As the earth polars transition so to will all lifeforms have to change become unipolar This must be in order to allow higher frequency bandwidth of soul/spirit incarnation and memory This transition will once again make Earth the one and same frequency as Gaia (her true real self)

The inability to transition to greater states of vibration Will result on all levels physical, emotional, mental and social In epidemic disease, illness, disintegration, confusion and physical death As a bipolar lifeform can not survive in a unipolar environment As a spiritial being in a physical vessel you must transition within

Your heart chakra will become the central core pole of your expression And your all your outershell peripherals becoming the pole of your creativity You have been bipolar for aons of millenia where Your sex chakra was the core pole of all your expression And your crown chakra was the pole of your creativity

please see : Heart Spiral Meditation

The Gaia universe requires a rewiring of your physical circuitry In order for it to operate in a unipolar universe At higher frequencies of electric potential Known as triple light harmonics 432

Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores you are the seeds of an awakened humanity in the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind and should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground it shall blossom into a new earth ...

Although the winds may blow away the grains of sand the ocean and shores will always remain there is still much to say and though much has already been said it was as if nothing was said

If nothing said was truth then truth will reveal itself in a clearer voice and pureness of heart from within the silence we shall return and the veils that have clouded your hearts and souls shall be lifted by the hands of ultraviolet light

And you will realeyes the purpose that is in all things and darkness and light shall be as one forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future and as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams only to find yourself standing in deep water your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.

In the flash of a moment ... All that is Done will be Undone